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Birthdate:Sep 2
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Mid thirties - Female
Mother - Daughter - Sister - Auntie - Friend - Wife
Mad cat lady - Dog lover - Animal crazy
Tea addict - Chocolate nibbler - Hot buttered toast muncher
Singer - Reader - Dancer - Cross Stitcher - Painter - Writer
Open Minded - Sarcastic - Blunt - Vehemently protective

My journal is mainly friends only.
I am always looking for new friends.

Interests (150):

accents, alanis morissette, anaïs nin, ancient history, archaeology, attatchment parenting, autumn, babies, baking, bejeweled, black and white pictures, books, button moon, candles, castles, cats, cemeteries, charmed, children's books, chocolate, coldplay, cooking, criminal minds, criminology, cross stitch, csi, cuddling, cynicism, dancing in the dark, discovery channel, doctor who, drawing, egyptology, england, erotic fiction, eyes, feathers, fiction, football, forensic science, formula one, frogs, garbage, ghosts, glasgow, glitter, graveyards, greek mythology, hair dye, halloween, harry potter, haunted houses, herstory, history, hot chocolate, ice cream, imagination, inappropriate crushes, ireland, katie fforde, kittens, kurt halsey, labyrinth, late night conversations, laughing inappropriately, learning, lightning, listening to the rain, literati, looking at stars, lord of the rings, making people think, margaret atwood, medieval history, meerkats, memories, men, michelle branch, moonlight, movies, music, mythology, nail polish, ncis, neopets, night, oasis, ocean, paranormal, past lives, people watching, photography, pirates, poltergeists, pretending to understand, procrastinating, procrastination, psychology, qi, rain, rainbows, reading, reading the dictionary, reflections on water, reincarnation, relaxing, reminiscing, rivers, romance, russian history, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, savage garden, scotland, scrabble, sea, serial killers, sketching, sleeping, small yellow aliens, sound of the ocean, starry nights, stealing interests, strange news, sunrise, sunset, swimmingly, tea, teasing, the corrs, the cranberries, the frey, the ocean, the wind, thunderstorms, tolkien, tori amos, travelling, vodka, walking, walking along the beach, walking in the rain, waterfalls, watership down, whispers, witches, women, writing, writing., yorkshire
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