peke ([personal profile] peke) wrote2007-09-02 11:42 am


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It's me, Amelia :D

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Good day to you!

I would like to be requesting the mutual adding of friends if that is at all feasible? :D

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Good morning!

That's is perfectly feasible ;) I'll assume you came here via Kate seeing as she is the only mutual friend we share.

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I fell off the face of the earth but I am back on lj now =)


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Ohhh, hello! It's only a week or two since I went through all the non active journals and removed them! It's nice to see you back :)

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Your lj looks really cute and you are friends with a friend of mine, Ashley. Add me?

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ohh savage garden? *pokes* its the big bad wulfy lemme in little peke :)

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hello! we met on chickclick a looong time ago. i've added you :)

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Hi we've got a couple of mutual friend and communities and wondered if you fancied adding each other?

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I was looking at your userinfo earlier and considering asking the same but them work stole me away to another desk and I had to shut everything down. I'll go and add you now :)