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I stayed up till 2am watching the news. Concern, confusion, a morbid curiosity over who and why. Then I laid in bed pondering the who. He doesn't actually matter. The why does, time will answer that, but the who is some insignificant nutter. A nutter whose actions made a very big ripple, but he himself pales into insignificance next to all the smaller ripples other people made last night.

The people who went running towards the chaos when other people (rightly) ran away. The people and businesses nearby who took people in. The taxi drivers and bus drivers who got out of their beds to make sure people could get from a to b. The doctors and nurses who helped last night, the ones who will come into work this morning knowing what they have to deal with. They matter.

What also matters is how people react to it. The hate filled vitriol I've seen on my facebook newsfeed this morning matters. Not because it's right, but because shit like that is part of the reason things like this happen. Hate breeds hate. I refuse to be part of that, whether it's by association, in making my children believe the world is a horrible place, or in thinking that the actions of a few speak for the majority.

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